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The Dark Legion Rules (last updated November 23, 2016 by Zik)




The Dark Legion is a kinship/guild currently recruiting new members. Our purpose is to help make these games as much fun as it possibly can be through socializing, events, questing together, raids/dungeons, instances, battlegrounds and crafting. Aswell as this guiding you to endgame and making you an active player on the server and the kinship/guild, but above have a great time ingame with us.






New Recruits

There is a few days waiting period before you become a kinsman or kinswoman and enjoy its benefits (LOTRO) or to become a member (Tera Online). This is consider as a trial period where we get to know you and you get to know us.

On LOTRO, optionally we also recommend to all new recruits and members to add to their player note ingame to their character(s) if it's the main character or an alt of a main character and your profession ingame (metalsmith, weaponsmith, etc.). Why we recommend to do this? Well people will end up knowing you by your character name and when you're playing an alt that helps to know it's you and also when they are looking for a crafter they can know from your note too what is your profession and tier of crafting. But than again, it's optional :) in order to do this, ingame, click "O" > kinship tab > click the "note" button and update your character note with something like "Main, Metalsmith T9" or "alt of (name), ...".

Same works for Tera Online, add a note to your player click "Additional Information" on the guild pannel "G".


Registering to the website is optional but it has its benefits as you have access to the members area for all the information, tips, runs, events, help, etc.

Part of becoming a member is that we get to know you and you get to know us and one of the best ways to do that is to use the ingame chat, attend group functions, participate in runs (raids/skraids, skirmishes, instances, dungeons/battlegrounds) and events, be helped and to help other players.


Ingame Chat

We ask everyone to use ingame chat because it is a great way to get to know each other, but of course and therefore as a group chat area, please keep in mind the use of some words or contents when chatting aswell discussing some delicate subjects, as i believe is quite understandable why, as being the ingame chat a public chat area for the entire group.

As much as posible any argument between you and a specific person please take it in private chat, and we recommend to avoid discussing too deep or far about religion, politics or any other subjects that are entitled to a personal opinion, moral or values that are based on each person's background and life circunstances. All that is about is respect and common sense. We have members of all ages and from all countries so we must remember to respect each other.

Respect each and everyone inside this group i believe says it all and it is quite common sense to all of us independently of your age.

Ingame chat can be used for many things such as requesting help for a specific quest, grouping up for some runs, tell a joke, discuss some off-topic subjects even as long as what was mentioned above is respected and taken in consideration, asking for a specific item that you are in need to buy or sell, although we do encourage as much as possible to give common items for free within our members or sell them for a appropriated price as well as even use the kinship auctions system in the Auction Houses so items can be only sold and bought within the kin for a "symbolic" price. High end-game items and gear are stored in kinship house chests to all our members, any officer has access to them so please ask our officers if you need something from there (LOTRO).

In Tera Online we store main crafting goods and materials, and some recipes, gear, bombs, feedstock, alkahest, etc., which is meant to be shared with our members but of course, that will come with everyone's participation and contribution so we all help supply the demand for everyone's use. As far as i am aware there is no guild brokerage in Tera so if you need anything particulary please let us know, we will assist as we can - all officers have access to the guild bank managing.

Also please avoid unwated advertising in the ingame chat specially do not spam it, even if it's something personal like a youtube channel, ingame videos you made and want to share or screenshots, or even videos you found that can be useful or funny, that's alright and we allow that, but make sure of what you share with others and make sure you respect the rules so far discussed or you take responsability for it.


Any problem you encounter or if you see anything on the ingame chat or a member behaviour please take it to the attention of an officer, or whatever the matter bring the matter to me, the group leader.


Teamspeak 3

We currently use Teamspeak 3 in general chat (social and game) as well as group runs (raids/dungeons/instances/battlegrounds).  

If you are interested in using a mic grab this: Guide to download and set up Teamspeak 3

There are a few rules of etiquette to be followed while on Teamspeak. We have a Social and Game Chat, Group chat and an Officer channel as well as AFK channel. We ask that you use each chat for its purpose obviously.

NOTE: Even if you don't have a microphone, you are more then welcomed to join us because you always have speakers or head/earphones which you can use to listen to others or simply chat there using even OverWolf to see notifications ingame to make the ingame experience ultimate!



Raidcall (Out of use currently, but still there and optional)


We use raidcall in advanced raids because the inbuilt lotro voip is not the best of quality.  If you are interested in using a mic grab this: Guide to downloading and setting up Raidcall 


There are a few rules of etiquette to be followed while on raidcall. We have General Chat where kin may gather and chat together; a Group Chat for use by fellowships and raids, a Crafting Chat for discussions specifically related to crafting, and an Officer channel. We ask that you use each chat for its purpose obviously.



Asking for Help

If you ask and receive anything from another member (be it armor, weapons, jewelry, or help) then please do the same for someone else. Try to give more than you get. Also, be patient, other members might be in the middle of something and cannot answer your request right away. Please refrain from spamming chat for what you need. And, most of all, offer to supply the mats required for the items that you need. 

If you are in low levels please be aware that you are going to level very quickly if you follow the quest line. It is advisable that you not ask for any crafted items. It would be a waste and you will receive much better items if you wait till after reaching higher levels. As a personal opinion i would not recommend you to bother much about crafting before 30-40ish levels (LOTRO) and as for Tera the game pretty much gives you enough to level up on dropped gear and avatar weapons.

Every once in a while someone will offer items to the group, please feel free to ask for them if they will help your class - but please, make sure you actually need them. Wrong use of those goodwilling free given items to you, can get you kicked from the group if that action compromised another member in need or that could have done better use to that same item you just took. Take it and use it, if not, don't take it in the first place.

Another important thing to remember when asking ingame chat or other people for help in a group is please do not ninja invite them. Ninja inviting is when someone automatically invites another person into their group without asking them first.

When a member asks for help from crafters they should offer to provide the materials. While this is a helpful Kinship/Guild it is not a charity. Crafters may refuse the offered materials and make it from their stores, but do not ask for things if you aren't willing to provide the materials. Even a high-end crafter and leveled character with a lot of materials needed his or her time to gather all the mats along the way just to give them away, specially the most rare or hard ones to get, remember that.

When asking for help with a quest or instance be sure you are prepared to be an active participant. Do not ask for players to carry you through. When you are carried you do not learn the skills necessary to move forward in the game. You should not ask to be "helped" with quests, instances, or skirmishes that are above your level.


If you have a problem with another member or recruit please bring it to the attention of an officer. He or she will then attempt to correct the problem or situation. 

If you are continuously offensive, harmful or disrespectful to other members, you will be warned with the possible result being expulsion. 


Player Notes

All members, recruits, and officers that decided as said before optionally to keep a player note, are asked to keep their Player Notes up-to-date. We ask that you let us know if the toon you are on is your main toon or an alternate and include your crafting experience.




[LOTRO] Kinship House Chests and Items/Gear

Housing chests are locked so that only officers can use them (this was a change from members access due to the reason that in the past unfortunatly we had members stealing items from the kinchest, emptying them and selling them in AH or giving them away to random players instead of kinship unique use...just so you know, in case you ask why officers only access), but the items in the kin chests are available to ALL kin members.  Almost all items are focused on end-game gear, level 100, to help kin members prepare to run end game instances faster. Please once you reach level 100 or near it, please contact any officer to ask for gear for your character as they are there to be given to all the kinship members.


[Tera Online] Guild Bank Items/Gear

Guild bank is stored and stocked daily bit by bit by our officers and myself as we are the ones with direct access to it, with crafting goods and materials, gear (rare[blue] and gold), bombs, charms, feedstock, alkahest, recipes, etc. Our guild bank is opened to any member if in need but we definitely appreciate your contribution on stocking it as you may understand, as it is the only way to keep the supply & demand balanced.

Instances, Dungeons, Raiding and Skirmishes (also known as "kin runs")

One of the best way to get to know your fellow kin mates is to participate in instances, raids and skirmishes, all of which are a lot of fun and a great way to get excellent gear, a different level of fun and expertise in skills, specially team-working skills. 

Raiding and skirmishing require a certain etiquette on your part in order to work with the group. Another requirement for a good group is the ability to communicate with each other. Please make sure that you have your Voice Chat turned on. To turn this option on, go into your Options menu and select Audio. Scroll near the bottom of the page and you will find a box next to Voice Chat Enable, just click the box. This feature will allow you to hear the commands that the Raid or Skirmish Leader is making. A mic is also an added benefit, especially for end-game raiding, but not necessary for any lower raids or skirmishes. Point is, even if you can't speak, at least try to be able to listen others speaking, specially the group leader if that's the case. 

In any raid or skirmish, please follow the directions of the Instance/Raid/Skirmish group leader. Do not take it upon yourself to post for the raid in (glff) unless told to by the leader. NEVER, under any circunstance, open the chests at the end of the raid or skirmish, which remains for the Raid/Skirmish Leader to do. And one more important point to remember is, NEVER roll on any item in the chest unless it is for your class or you are told by the Raid/Skirmish Leader that it is alright to do so. These 2 last points are, 1st because there are different setups for the loot rule which if not the leader to open the chests can lock the rewards for the entire group, and 2nd there is no point on getting a reward that you can't use because it's not proper or usable to your class, so leave it there for who in the group can use them and good luck next time for your item.

Similar happens in Tera Online, only these are known as Dungeons, Battlegrounds and Instances - group up, join the voice chat, follow the group leader leading the run and whenever in need please ask ingame chat for help, myself i'll always be available to help you whether it's to kill BAMs or a dungeon, etc. Regarding the dropped items and rewards, in a group, respect the item type and class specification if applied and don't roll on that item unless you can use it or need it, just a question of mutual respect.


Officers Qualities

The decision to promote to officer resides only with the Leader. When selecting a member to become officer we look for the following qualities: 
1. Positive Attitude/Impact on Kinship/Guild, plus good communication skills; 
2. Patience with others, especially the new players in the game; 
3. Generosity with your time and talent to help other members; 
4. Leadership qualities, including running/organizing runs, knowledge of the game, and decision making ability; 
5. Commend in public, criticize in private. Don’t call out a member in open chat for inappropriate behavior. Pull them into a group or a private message so they are not publically humiliated.


Officer Council (LOTRO, to be considered in the future for Tera as we grow)

This kinship is not a dictatorship and is led by a council of officers. This council is a small subgroup of the kinship officers and consists of five members: 
* The Kin Leader 
* The Kin Successor 
* Three senior officers selected by the Kin Leader and Successor.

The Kin Leader and Successor have the authority to remove council members, but they must both agree on the removal. 

The council will nominate, discuss, and decide on officer promotions. The Kin leader reserves the right to promote, but this should be a rare exception as the council will have seen more of any candidate than the Leader will alone. 

Due to game technology these are officers in name and permissions, but have this additional decision making responsibility. 

Only a council member can add a character to the kinship ban list. They must be prepared to defend their decision to the council as a whole, but each has this authority. 




Any further questions or doubts please talk to an officer in the kinship or the kinship leader.