Welcome Aboard new Members!!  The Dark Legion is a fun-loving, helpful bunch. Please chat with us and let us get to know you. It is not mandatory, but most will want to be promoted to Member Rank, so here is a quick guide to promotion:

*Read Kin Rules and update player note as detailed in the Kin Rules. The rules are at this web address http://tdl.guildlaunch.com/sections/rules/?gid=279124.

*Register at Kin Site and claim your character(s).

*Be in Kin for 15 days. Unless you already have a character at a higher rank.

*Let an officer know when you have met these requirements.

The officer will verify that you have met the above requirements and promote you.  It is that simple. At member Rank you will have access to the Kin Chests, and all the features of the Kin Web Site. If you choose to remain at Recruit Rank, you are welcome to remain in the Kin, but will not have access to these helpful tools.